Course series Hanbo Jitsu 2014 successfully completed!

It was just fun, according to the unanimous opinion of all participants of the Hanbo Jitsu/Bokken course at the Dojo Fudoshin in Leipzig. Torsten Kosuch and department manager Steffen Lingslebe had pulled the organizational strings for this course.

As in the years before, the Hanbo Jitsu training series has become a firm component of the education and further training of our Budoka in the WJJF-D. As speakers for this training course Richard Schmidt was invited vice president sport at the same time Hanbo speaker, as well as Rudi Strobel Iaijitsu master and experts of his subject in things Bokken. The speakers, like the 30 participants of the course, showed full commitment. The Hanbo and Bokken techniques were practiced with a lot of stamina and diligence.

The systemic construction of the basic techniques of Hanbo Jitsu up to the combinations and their fixing techniques was very popular with the participants. Rudi Strobel convinces with his calm and competent way of teaching technique in the field of bokken.

Particular attention was paid to the exact execution of the technique program. Our credo is still valid: "Class instead of mass".  To push Kyu candidates and Dan candidates to pass a test as fast as possible does not correspond to our philosophy. A good and broad training in Kobudo is our goal (Hanbo, Bokken, Tonfa and Bo). The resulting graduations result from intensive practice of this Budo art.

Vice President R. Schmidt is very satisfied with the development of the Hanbo Jitsu of the WJJF-D and sees many opportunities for development in the future, especially in the Kata area of this Budo art.

Also worth mentioning is the good result in the Hanbo examination in the lower level (up to the 3rd Kyu). After a long preparation time (at least 1 year) and despite the excitement, which was clearly noticeable to the candidates, they mastered their examination program with flying colours.

Torsten Kosuch was very creative during his 2nd Dan examination in Hanbo Jitsu, who convinced the examiners with his own Kata with the Bo and the many advanced techniques with the Hanbo and Bo (long stick). Congratulations!

It is also worth mentioning that we, the WJJF-D, will cooperate more closely with the traditional Jiu Jitsu section of the WJV in the area of Kata and Hanbo Jitsu in the future, whereby the sports buddy Jörg Eisele, himself a member of the WJJF for many years, will support us and our philosophy.

Finally, we would like to thank the team of the Dojo Fudoshin in Leipzig for their hospitality, all participants still a lot of motivation and success in studying the martial arts.

Author of the text
The teaching team of the WJJF-D